1952 PRECISION BASS # 0353

This bass is proudly owned by Mark and Helen Brooks, who were kind enough to provide photos and some history for it. This one is truly a spectacular bass !

I'll let Mark & Helen tell the story -


Our P Bass was bought online and was one owner museum condition October 1952 Fender Precision Bass complete with the original leather gig bag still containing spare strings and picks. The bass was originally owned and played by a female country singer from Pennsylvania during the early Fifties. We have a lovely letter from her family which came with the guitar. The bass is a particularly early model with a serial number of # 353 and the initials of Fender's famous neck craftsman Tadeo Gomez on the neck heel. An interesting article on the man can be found here. http://home.provide.net/~cfh/tad.html

The guitar has neck and body dates of mid-1952 but has the neck and pickguard flathead screw configuration often seen on '51 P Basses. The body is in spectacular condition with only a small amount of wear around the edges of the slab body and a few slight dings in the neck. The bass is 100% original with absolutely no mods. I think it was probably stored some-time during the late 50's and only surfaced when the family bought it out for sale. Anyway - it's a pretty special guitar, pretty much my favourite as far as design goes. Leo Fender definitely got it right first time with this radical re-work of the Telecaster guitar. The original description from the auction follows:

Here we have a wonderful 1952 Fender Precision Bass, serial # 0353.  The guitar was brought to us by the family of the who owned the guitar since the early 1950's.  The family wasn't sure if the bass was bought brand new but having owned the guitar since the early 50's there is a good chance.  The owner was a woman who played and sang in a country western band.  The guitar has neck and body dates of mid-1952 but has the neck and pickguard flathead screw configuration often seen on '51 P Basses.  

The body of the guitar is in awesome condition.  The body only has light wear consisting of small nicks around the edges and near the bottom strap button.  The finish on the guitar is a vibrant yellow that wonderfully showcases the grain on the ash body.  The maple neck is also in very good condition with only some very light finish wear on the back of the neck behind the 5th through 9th frets.  The frets have light wear.  The original press fiber saddles are present but it does look like they both have some chips, you can see this in the photo that shows the serial on the bridge.  The butt of the neck is dated "TG 10-1-52".  The neck pocket is dated "9-4-52".  The pots and wiring all appear to be original.  The electronics are working and sound great.

The width at the nut is 1 11/16" inches.  The guitar comes with what appears to be the original gig bag.  The bag was made by Artistic Products.  I wasn't able to find much info on the original bags and their makers but I'm hoping that someone can confirm this is original.